Monday, 15 April 2013

The power of NO

And finally, I bumped into a very meaningful and very insightful article: Check it out here.

The answer by Oliver Emberton gives a near point-by-point mantra of going about starting your company. The bottlenecks you have while going through the tough phases and the reason these bottlenecks are important, are well articulated in the article.

It emphasizes on the fact that we want to do a hundred things. As the ones just entering the field, we are tempted to do million things at once. Apple understood the power of saying NO, of keeping it simple. It's best when you are the "jack of all trades, master of 1". While starting your business, one should not focus one's energy in multiple fields. Start simple. And do, whatever small you do, in a very unique way.

As truly stated, there is a great power in the word NO. One will be tempted to do lucrative things. Will try to jump into all sorts of businesses. But one should understand his/her calling and the divident NO gives.

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