Sunday, 3 June 2012


I just finished reading 'The winning way' by Anita and Harsha Bhogle. AND IT WAS AMAZING.. In spite of the fact that the book was just like any other "zillion ways to win" book, the way these methods are inked amazed me. It blends the learnings and instances from sports for managers to understand winning from a different prospective.
       One standout example from the book was the 2006 test series between Australia and Bangladesh. It showed how champions win because of a winning temperament. DAY 1 and B'desh were 355-5. Habibul Bashar , later that evening, said that if they scored another hundred runs, they would be 'safe'. The next day Aussies were 145-6 and Adam Gilchrist was at a press conference. "We are in a bit of a hole, and need to figure out how to win from here" he said. What the statement showed was temperament, showed who were the champions and who were the underdogs. It came as no surprise that Australia won and the minnows were left thinking.
          It was a pleasure reading that book, and as Mukesh Ambani said, a great gift to the ambitious aspirants from the corporate world.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


A dear friend wanted to know of my opinion on the new pocily for students to get into the government funded institutions. Whether the new system is right or wrong??
               Is the question really valid? Can anything be judged or marked as right or wrong? Is drinking wrong? Is creating a governing body over the government right? Are paintings or cartoons of mamata ji politically incorrect?
               People have opinions.. More the people, more diverse will be the opinions. Nothing can be see-sawed between right and wrong. It's just the perception of diffrent minds and how they see it.
Whether I am right or wrong? Well, that would be a personal belief too.

Friday, 24 February 2012


I was just going through the excerpts from 'THE AUDACITY OF HOPE' published in TOI. In one word, the life of Barack Obama is truly #inspiring. It was mesmerizing to read how obsessed he was with the concept of choice. He once said that choice is a convenient shorthand for the way the past resolves itself. It just got me thinking.. and maybe, he is right. A choice is not exactly a free will. A choice is often circumscribed by ones background, childhood, socioeconomic situation etc. A choice is something that is free of all of this. A choice that is driven by all this is not choice.. it's more of a compulsion or a decision to make ones life better.