Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Now that we have got your attention, here’s our product.

The above lines are from a print advertisement from a certain company. Is it too out there? Is it too bold? Or is it just plain and simple weird?

Whatever people might call it, the line grabs attention. Sex and humor are considered to be the best forms to attract customers towards a product through advertisements and has become a thumb-rule in recent times.

An analogy can be derived through this in video marketing as well. Video marketing is often considered as the best form of showing your product to the end-consumer and thus increasing website traffic and lead generation. Some research show that lead generation can be increased through video marketing by as much as 70% if you have the right content, right medium and just the ‘coolest’ video.

So how do you make your video interesting? Well, here are a few points that can get you started:
1.      Have a simple idea: The video should convey a very simple idea. Don’t try to mix several concepts in a single video. A video should convey a single message and that’s about it.

2.    Story-telling: A story is what engages your audience. Keep the flow of your video smooth and in a certain direction, leading somewhere. Dis organised content or graphics may give hazardous results.

3.     High Production values: Even though your idea is beautiful, engagement of the target audience will not happen unless the video is good on aesthetics. High quality video, shot by a professional and properly edited and designed, will inevitably get more attention than a simple-dull video.

4.   Disruptions: Lastly, a few disruptions in certain videos may create interest in the customers’ minds. Be cautious of when and where to use them. You don’t want to change the mood of the audience through it, you want to make the video compelling. A disruption in graphics, music etc. in a power packed action video seems interesting but the same may cause bad results when used with an emotional message.

This must be enough to get someone started. Let’s make some videos now!