Thursday, 18 April 2013

Employees first!

I wonder if the things we read during our MBA are actually implemented by companies, managers and employees.

I went to a company's office and the talk of teams, culture etc. etc. seemed bull****. You go out there and they mean business. Sales, sales and sales. How to expand in the market and create new ones.

But we never seem to notice any talk of culture, preserving it and making the employees productive. Money seems to be the only motivating factor.

Well, it's good to say all this is wrong and culture does matter and is being talked about. But 'many' (surely not all) companies are only and only sales-strategy minded and still give customers priority over the employees.

BOTTOM LINE: Managers should always, and always give priority to their employees no matter what. You don't sell if you have dissatisfied employees. But I doubt many companies follow this model. Well, we know the ones which follow and they sure are on top of the charts as far as the sales, after sales and customer satisfaction is concerned.

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