Sunday, 14 April 2013

Permission vs. Interruption Marketing

I was wondering which one is better for you? Should I ask for your permission to send you the mail? But what if you say no?? What about my product?

There is an ongoing conflict between Permission Marketing and Interruption Marketing. Permission Marketing, as Seth Godin puts it, is not for mass. It's one on one, it's customized and people get to choose what they want to hear.

Whereas, Interruption will 'interrupt' you, makes you see the ad you never asked for while watching your favourite daily soap.

But is Interruption Marketing not important ( or effective)? Brands use the interruption marketing model to much success. It's irritating at times, but it works.

So what should a marketer do? Well, go for a good blend of both the worlds. Show you care but in doing so, don't forget that you have a solution to sell.

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